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Farhad in Wonderland

Aria Kasaei

Farhad Fozouni is a full-fledged nonprofessional graphic designer. To him, it is a means to convey his interest and experience. He does what he does instinctively and with specific professional pride. He thirsts for work and in this hustle, trial and error have become part and parcel of his job routine. Sometimes no one can even mark the borderline between his personal experience and the would-be work which is to be demonstrated to the public. For him, the process of work production becomes the production itself.
He takes risks easily and does not miss any chance. His eyes are sharp and inquisitive. He is not bound to be given compliments or complaints. I have seen him drown in people’s admiration, yet refusing to repeat his work; I have seen him face the snidest of remarks, yet not chickening out.
He takes his photos by a very ordinary digital camera, and not meticulously. He does not retouch the colors and lights so that the result becomes a well-documented final version. He is also an extremist in treating letters which leads to introducing new capacities of Farsi script.

Farhad Fozouni has had various collections and periods in his work time-line. For instance, the collection based on forgotten spaces or the one formed by mingling letter shapes and objects. This style of working contemporary art patterns rather than a professional graphic designer’s method. The outstanding change in Farhad’s recent works has been the fact that his works have become more theatrical and more magnified. Today, Farhad is taking a different route. He is socializing and he has directed his attention to streets in Tehran. He has even changed the name of his studio into Tehran Studio. These days, Tehran is far much stranger and more wondrous than the Wonderland of Alice, wonders that are a harbinger of a new epoch in which Farhad will be the prodigal son.

Aria Kasaei

Graphic designer and founder with Peyman Pourhosein of StudioKargah in Tehran, where he lives and works. Kasaei has exhibited his work in Iran and internationally. He is an active contributor to the Dabireh Collective and Tandis Bi-weekly magazine. Kasaei has curated graphic design exhibitions such as Azad Art Gallery’s Graphic Design Project in Tehran in 2009 and Posters from Iran in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011.

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