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Information, designer and information design

Majid Abbasi

What is information? It is a massive pile of data which represents certain quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a variable or a group of variables which form the information fundament. Data is in fact the lowest level of abstraction that lead to the derivation of a concept referred to as information.
Who is the designer? Someone who concludes a concept through a creative order, logic and process and gets a message across. What is information design? In recent decades, a massive pile of data in various branches of science has led to the advent of a new type of design in the world of visual communication which has brought along with it study and search methods, job opportunities and scientific theories. In this type of design, informational complications and data are organized and used in a dramatic-visual and 2-dimensional way to be preserved, documented and communicated.
Information design calls for realizing human communicative capabilities, namely, perception, feeling, process of cognition, response and the reaction of different senses. This is the time when the designer shapes the given necessary data and renders it attractive and eventually functional. This is where the skills of designing two-three dimensional designs, digital media in parallel with sociology, people’s daily routine and the status quo become significant. A designing system should be flexible pending the necessary and probable changes at any time. Providing a specific formula in this field is against the nature of this subject because the huge amount of everyday information, its kinds, development, collection and the purpose of the collection all lead to new concepts. This design is automatically based on the collected information and projects image(s) pertinent to the subject. The result, in addition to being visually unexpected for all of us, expands the spectrum of visual communication and at the same time, it is functional, inspiring and insightful.

Majid Abbasi

is design director of Studio Abbasi active in the international community, based in Tehran and Toronto. He leads a variety of design projects for start-ups, non-profits and educational organizations worldwide. Majid actively contributes to the international design scene as an instructor, jury member, curator and writer. He has been editor-in-chief of Neshan, the leading Iranian graphic design magazine since 2010. Majid has been members of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS) since 1998 and Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) since 2009.


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