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No: 30, Summer 2013
About Process, Education, Design…
Face to Face with Gregory Vines  by Michael Renner
Gregory Vines was born in 1946 in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1953, like many other children in the US, he started a series of ...
No: 29 Winter 2013
“I always wanted to write.”
Face to face with Rick Poynor  by Majid Abbasi
1. Why did you choose to write about design? When did you start writing about design, and what kind of design have you written more about?
No: 28, Summer 2012
The Brazilian harmony

Please tell us about the history of graphic design in Brazil. When was graphic design established both academically and professionally?
No: 27, Spring Summer 2012
Made in Space
Face to face with April Greiman  by Majid Abbasi
I was working first in video in early 80s and then went onto using video 'paintboxes'...
No: 26, Winter 2012
Face to face: Gerard Unger: The readers check me

Where does your fascination for type design come from?
No: 25, Summer & Autumn 2011
Face to Face: Yuri Gulitov
Russian Preludes

I must confess that until the invitational exhibition of the 5th Color's Self-Portrait in 2004, except some posters....
No: 25, Summer & Autumn 2011
Face to Face: Paula Scher
Painting Maps

Few Iranian designers have never heard of Paula Scher. In addition to her poster exhibition in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art...
No: 24, Winter & Spring 2011
Anita Kunz: The Power of Illustration

Since childhood I have always wanted to be an illustrator. My uncle Robert Kunz was an illustrator and he influenced me greatly as a child. His motto was ‘Art for Education'...
No: 22, Spring-Summer 2010
Hidden but visible
Interview with Mehran Zamani by Saed Meshki
Let’s start with a question that many have. Why are you so reclusive?
No: 21, Autumn 2009/ Winter 2010
New York, New York!
An interview with Luke Hayman by Majid Abbasi
Please introduce yourself? Our audience would like to know where you were born, where you graduated from, your professional activities...
No: 21, Autumn 2009/ Winter 2010
Milton Glaser : On Professionalism, Education, Celebrity, and Criticism
An Interview with Milton Glaser by Steven Heller, prefaced by Majid Abbasi
After the World War ΙΙ and the bipolarization of the world into socialistic and capitalistic divisions and upon the beginning of the cold war, the United States of America changed face.
No: 21, Autumn 2009/ Winter 2010
In silence and solitude
Interview with Ali Khorshidpour by Saed Meshki
It’s been quite some time since we last heard from the energetic and contributing Ali Khorshidpour. Quite especially after a period of cultural works including book cover design.
No: 19, Spring 2009
Typography stemmed from wisdom
Interview with Masoud Nejabati  by Saed Meshki
You've been living in Qom for some time now. What are you doing there? In the name of God, the religious city of Qom was a choice to live in but soon I got involved with a job that I’ve been made for ...
No: 18, Autumn & Winter 2008
The nostalgia of image
Interview with Kourosh Parsanejad  by Saed Meshki
In the past few years we’ve seen many of your works with regard to children and youths especially in Kanoon. What prompted you to work on these subjects? My involvement with children and youth subjects started with an order about ten years ago. Maktabi had done the illustration on a book called ‘Small Hands, Small Feet’ which I took over for the book design. Prior to then my orders involved subjects for adults and ...
No: 18, Autumn & Winter 2008
Poster as a chronic illness
A review on Alain Le Quernec political graphics  by Carolina Rojas
The Predisposition As a native of Britagne, a region of first-level economy; agriculture, fishing, livestock farming, which in the 40’s was one of the most underdeveloped regions in France and was situated 600 kilometers from grand Paris, Alain Le Quernec recounts his first experience ....
No: 17, Summer 2008
The criteria of a movie poster
Interview with Hans Hillman  by Jens Muller
You have designed a number of German films posters. What brought you to do that? One day during my studies, Walter Kirchner, Werner Schwier and Ernest Liessenhoff came to Kassel from Gottingen’s Neue Filmkunst.
No: 17, Summer 2008
Elevating from the Subject Matter
Interview with Bijan Seifouri  by Saed Meshki:
Saed Meshki: If you agree let’s start from the 1980’s. The years in which type became extensively used. What do you think yielded this growth? In those years you were ...
No: 15, Winter 2008
Becoming...not being
Interview with Vahid Mehrinfar  by Ali Rashidi
From working on designs for Donald Trump's shuttle airline (Trump Air) to conceptualizing and illustrating the future of downtown Los Angeles, futurist brand architect Vahid Mehrinfar had led a prolific career in the US
No: 15, Winter 2008
Bread, Chesse and Image
Interview with Siamak Feilizadeh  by Saed Meshki
Does any of your work portray Iranian identity? Or shall I ask if you make any effort to create Iranian work? When I work, more than anything I get involved with creativity and new ideas. I don’t intend to deliberately create Iranian works. When I ...
No: 14, Autumn 2007
It is like life!
An interview with Ebrahim Haghighi  by Saed Meshki
Ebrahim Haghighi is one of the most active graphic designers in Iran. Wherever there's direct or indirect involvement of graphic design...
No: 13, Summer & Autumn 2007
Childhood Explorer
Interview with Farshid Mesghali  by Saed Meshki
Few years ago Farshid Mesghali in an interview after the end of the 6th Graphic Design Biennial in Iran said: "There are always dreams and realities and dreams are always greater than realities. We are after dreams."
No: 12, Winter 2007
Geometry of Meaning
Interview with Mostafa Asadollahi  by Saed Meshki
You and your fellow college mates graduated from the university almost concurrent with the onset of the revolution when professional activities had naturally come to a halt.
No: 11, Autumn 2006
From: Hans Günter Schmitz
An interview with Hans Günter Schmitz  by Majid Abbasi
What is your point of view in designing Deutsche stamps and what limitations did the norms of these stamps (the usual place for the layout) make for you?
No: 11, Autumn 2006
Image Alchemist
Interview with Nooreddin Zarrinkelk  by Saed Meshki
It’s impossible to imagine Dr. Nuredin Zarinkelk in white uniform behind the counter ...
No: 10, Summer 2006
Our feet are strange companions.
Interview with Morteza Momayez  by Saed Meshki
Saed Meshki: You have been praised more than any other artist of visual arts. Much has been also written on your biography and ...
No: 9, Spring 2006
Excerpts from an
Interview with Armin Hofmann  by Felix Studinka Lucerne, February 2003
You signed on for courses at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich in 1937 and 1938. What did you expect from the school?
No: 9, Spring 2006
A Kind of Spiritual Dance
An interview with Sadegh Barirani  by Saed Meshk
1923 Was bom on March 23rd in Bandar Anzali, Iran ...
No: 8, Winter 2006
Corporate Identity Consist in language, Solid in Style
Interview with Massimo Vignelli  by Majid Abbasi
What is the relation between the image of a company and its corporate identity? Usually a corporate identity program creates reflects and expresses the image of a company. Our task is to articulate all the components to obtain the best.
No: 8, Winter 2006
Behind Closed Dooors
Interview with Maid Balouch  by Saed Meshki
…I do not have academic education in graphic design. Perhaps you would find it an interesting point although I think we should talk about logos, logotypes and organizational identity.
No: 7, Autumn 2005
Loyalty to Image, Interview with Aydin Aghdashloo
Introduction by Morteza Momayez  by Saed Meshki
Aydeen Aghdashloo is strongly present in the art community, yet it is very difficult for me to write about him and his works because ...
No: 6, Summer 2005
Reaching Iranian Graphic Design Identity
Interview with Ghobad Shiva  by Saed Meshki
What is the process of your design work?